Shigar Valley; A Dream Tourist Attraction In Skardu

Shigar Valley

From Skardu valley, a road leads through the cold desert called Shigar road, taking you to the Shigar Valley. This place is just like a paradise on Earth, and its natural beauty is beyond what words can express. Its beauty is unsurpassed and the whole area is encircled by majestic peaks and breathtaking views.

This valley offers fantastic views of some of the world’s most beautiful and spectacular mountains including K2. Want to visit the vintage point of Pakistan’s natural treasure, it is none other than Shigar valley; A dream tourist attraction in Skardu.

Location of Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley
Shigar Valley

Shigar is the last town before the k2 base camp and it is quite famous among the mountaineers. It is 52km from Skardu and lies on the banks of the Shigar River.

Shigar Valley extends 170km from Skardu to Askole. This valley is the gateway to one of the world’s highest peaks K2 and the most beautiful landscapes in Gilgit Baltistan.

The Weather in Shigar Valley

The climate in Shigar valley is mostly cold and moderate. The perfect time for tourists to visit this place is from June to August.

The visitors get overwhelmed by the fragrant breeze, rugged charm, and a velvety green carpet of natural beauty, set against the background of snow-capped mountains.

The Temperature of Shigar Valley in the Summer

Although the first month of summer is June, it is still the coldest month with an average temperature of 7.9 degrees Celsius. However, the warmest times to visit Shigar are July and August.

The temperature of Shigar Valley ranges from 16.1 to 16.9 degrees Celsius in July and August. Even if you’re traveling in summer, it’s a good idea to bring extra pair of warm clothes.

The temperature of Shigar Valley in Winter

January is the coldest month in Shigar, with an average temperature between -17.3 to -29.4 Celsius. The snow season lasts about 4 months from January to April.

However, the gigantic peaks are covered in snow until June. Snowfall also causes problems for tourists. In winter, snow-covered mountains and moving winds attract visitors.

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Shigar Valley

The Shigar View Point

Your journey starts with a beautiful bridge called the Shigar Bridge, a 20-minute drive from the city of Skardu. As soon as you cross the bridge, you view the Katpana desert known as the Cold Desert.

It takes 25 minutes by the Shigar road through the mountains to reach the Shigar Viewpoint. From this point, tourists can have a look at the entire Valley.

The Blind Lake Shigar

Blind Lake
Blind Lake

The Blind Lake is located at 25 minutes’ drive from Shigar View Point. Another name for this lake is Jarbazoo. The lake’s crystal clear water emphasizes the diversity of the landscape in sight. This place is best for photography and is a popular tourist destination in Skardu.

One can witness the mystic beauty of the Blind Lake at the time of sunset. Turquoise blue water, meadows, and the beautiful contrast of nature’s colors leave you completely stunned.

The Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort
Shigar Fort

The oldest fort in Pakistan is located in Shigar known as the Shigar fort, which means The Fort on Rock. This fort was converted into a museum and hotel managed by Serena Hotels.

The Shigar fort is the most exotic spot for tourists in Skardu and is on the way to mount K2. It truly reflects the legendary history of Shigar.

Hashupi Bagh Shigar

Hashupi Bagh which is also known as The Apple Garden is located at an 80-minute drive from the city of Skardu. It is a great tourist site and rest area, and tourists prefer to go there for buying fruits.

The beautiful scenery continues to unfold and multicolored trees enhance the beauty of this garden.

The Amburiq Mosque Shigar

The Amburiq Mosque
The Amburiq Mosque

It is one of the oldest mosques in Gilgit Baltistan, the heart of Shigar Valley, and a jaw-dropping destination for tourists.

A small museum was created inside the mosque to draw attention to the historical significance of the area. The Amburiq Mosque is located next to Shigar Fort Serena Hotel. 

Hiking/Trekking Spots in Shigar Valley

Trekking is always a favorite activity of tourists. The mountains offer many beautiful treks in the captivating Shigar Valley.

Trek Towards Baltoro Glaciers

If you like hiking and adventures this is the place for you. The Baltoro Glacier is the longest glacier and is not intended for casual tourists visiting the Shigar Valley. You will need to travel from Skardu to the Askoli Valley which will take a day.

It is a 5-day walk from Askoli to the Baltoro glacier and this hike is one of the famous hiking trails in Skardu for foreign tourists. The peak of this trek offers an incredible view of glacial valleys.

Trek Towards K2 Base Camp

With a height of 8611 meters, K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world. The trek to the K2 base camp is the most difficult route and after nearly 7 days of hiking, you can reach the famous Concordia, the crossroads between Baltoro and Godwin Austin.

Concordia is the highlight of this trek and the Viewpoint of several mesmerizing peaks. If you would like to go to Base camp on K2 mountain, we recommend taking trips from Concordia, K2 is more visible from here.

Hispar La Trek

It is located at an altitude of 16,000 feet above sea level and is 10 miles wide. This trek starts along the K2 basecamp trail and the hike starts in the lush, beautiful Hoh Valley, and continues through the 5300 meters high Jamal Pass to the mighty Biafo Glacier.

From the Biafo Glacier, you can continue the route of Hispar La to Hunza and that route connects Hunza and Shigar Valley directly. You can enjoy the most picturesque mountain beauty you can’t see anywhere else. Hisper La Trek is one of the top 5 most adventurous hikes in the world, that’s why Snow Lake is very difficult to access, and only about 200 people get to it every year.

Places To Stay In Shigar Valley 

Serena Hotel At Shigar Fort 

Serena hotel offers excellent facilities, including guest amenities,  complimentary Airport transfers, complimentary breakfasts, 24 hours forex, and medical facilities.

It’s just like spending time home away from home in Serene Hotel At Shigar Fort when you’re on your vacation.

River View Hotel

Hotel River View offers a continental breakfast, free private parking, free WiFi, and a car rental service for guests who want to explore the surrounding areas.

Remarkable views and reasonable prices for family rooms make River View Hotel different from other hotels.

When In Doubt, Plan A Vacation!

Families that vacation together stays together. So just pack your bags and go on an adventure to experience this enchanting beauty.

The beauty of this place is just spellbinding and the amazing horizons of Shigar Valley will entangle your heart.

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