Top 15 Best Places To Visit in Skardu

Places to visit in skardu

Skardu is not short of important cultural and travel destinations and it has got some world’s beautiful places to visit. With tourism increasing in Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu is gaining importance. Although people have been visiting this place for a long. More advertisement means more attractions. If you are planning to lay a mark in your travel books. Make sure that Skardu tops the list this year. The place is no short of more than half a dozen top attractions. At 2,230ft altitude, nothing comes close to the city by a mile. 

Places To Visit in Skardu

Deosai National Park 

With breathtaking views and iconic scenery on display. This place is great to begin your travel calendar. During the summers, it is nice to enjoy under open and wide skies. In the winters, the same region appears to be in pure snow that pleases the eyes. 

At best, the western Himalayas surround the park. So you have great spots for some iconic photography. The local tourism is expanding with each passing year. Hence, you will find good custom camps to enjoy your evenings. The park also encloses the Deosai Plains. 

Deosai National Park
Camping at Deosai National Park

Kharpocho Fort 

Pakistan can be considered as the second home for forts. The country and various cities present a historical image through the forts. And Skardu does not stay behind. The Kharpocho Fort presents how the majesties used to live in the ever-increasing altitude fort. For the sight-lovers, the city of Skardu allows viewing from the fort. 

A good additional feature of the fort is the availability of the rooms. You can avail the historical rooms inside the fort for a royal experience likewise. But people tend to comment on the high prices. Well, with royalty comes the price! People also mention a good taste of food nearby the fort. Thus, you must plan for a long day. 

Manthoka Waterfall 

The Manthoka Waterfall is a breathtaking view at best. And a monumental place at the least. For summer travelers, this is the place to cool down. Although during the winter, you might find the place unpleasant. Anyhow, there is nothing short of magnificence here.

The green and lush gardens can be seen nearby the waterfall. A good walk and relaxation of the mind are up for grabs here. In essence, the waterfall has geographic importance likewise. The Indus River enters from this very place. However, this great viewing place is just about 120km away from central Skardu city. 

Satpara Lake 

While you make your journey to the Deosai National Park. You will come across a heavenly place in the Skardu region. There is no assurance if you will find another clean and soothing lake in the world. Moreover, there are two diverse views for you to intake. 

One side of the lake touches the mountains. The other side brushes with rocky terrain that feels like a wavy beach. The sky and the clouds above have everything a great photography session requires. Another beauty of Satpara Lake, is its beginning and end. One end is a dam whereas the other end is its flowing point. You will find TDCP motels near the lake in addition to a pleasant stay. 

Satpara Lake

Katpana Desert 

You will not find the place resembling your ordinary deserts. There is a great sightseeing spot in there with a mountainous backdrop. The desert though does include sandy places but mostly there is greenery on offer. Due to high altitudes, Katpana is the cold desert by every means. 

The winter lovers will find a great time here. Temperatures drop to around -17 degrees during the winters and the snow is common. Snow even results in the form of dunes in addition. Katpana Desert and every other place in Skardu include clear skies. In essence, the food available is a one-time experience likewise. Trout fish and yak meat are common near the desert. 

Katpana Desert
Katpana Desert

K2 Museum 

There is more about history and diplomacy on display here. The museum is also known as the Italian K2 Museum. And in addition, for a purpose. This Museum highlights the historic expedition of Italian mountaineers’ ascent of the K2 in 1954. K2 Museum has been on the scene since 2004. But you will not find the structure lush or perfectly built. 

It has a pyramid shape with good relaxing spots outside under the sun. On the inside, there is everything about that ascent by the Italians. There are mages of the base camp position, expedition, and much more. A few images of the historic visit of the Duke of Abruzzi also find a place in this museum likewise. 

Manthal Buddha Rock 

Pakistan’s 1975 Antiquities Act is a major reason for people finding the civilizations of their ancestors. Buddhists visit Skardu for a special monumental place. It is the Manthal Buddha Rock. The crafted rock shows a sculpture of the Buddha. And that is surrounded by the junior ones. The rock has a yellowish tint to it. Thus, presenting a view of the older times. 

There is nothing less than learning some history in addition. Manthal Buddha Rock is here since the 9th century. The century represents the golden era of Buddhism in its final phases. Many people only stop by near the monument. It is since there is no other form of attraction nearby. Make sure you do a quick stop!

Sheosar Lake 

Valleys, forts, and lakes can be seen in abundance in Skardu. Even the average places carry some importance that attracts the tourists. Sheosar Lake in Skardu might look simple or even decent on standards. But there is something for the calm lovers. The lake is not wide like popular lake sites in the city.

However, water meets with the green and lush fields on either side. Thus, you will avoid the rough outlook that the mountains present with the lakes. For the campers, milky-ways, and stars shooting mesmerize the eyes. Food is great in addition at the place and camping is all but fun. All in all, this can be a fun and special place for many. 

Sheosar Lake
The beautiful Sheosar Lake, Astore

Kachura Lake 

There is no surprise if people begin shooting for movies here. This is the true spectacle the place is. In essence, you will find yourself short on words to fully describe the place. It also finds acceptance as Shangrila Lake. A great experience will be to boat keeping the mountains in check. 

Chinese-style huts and hotels surround the small lake where you can boat. The lake is covered by tall trees and white mountains in the background. The resorts here have the great popularity. Especially the ones that have a location at some height. During the night, the surrounding of Kachura Lake dazzles in lights!

Upper Kachura Lake in Summer
Upper Kachura Lake in Summer

Blind Lake 

A great soothing and calming place in Skardu is the Blind Lake. Skardu is rich in valleys and lakes. Thus, you will find almost identical activities here. This is another lake that finds importance and love by the tourists. 

Blind Lake is a great spot for camping. Wide and lush green fields present great views of the mountains behind. You can also look out for boating experiences here in the lake. The name Blind Lake comes from the geography of the lake. It has an entrance point but no exit. With a spring beneath, the water level remains the same throughout the year. 

 Nansoq Organic Village 

Purity is hard to find in the world these days. But often some places contain small sections focusing on nature. Nansoq Organic Village in Skardu focuses on purity. There is nothing artificial on display or in the use. Thus, the place and lifestyle there justify the name. 

In essence, you will not come across any machines in the region likewise. The locals are working tirelessly to keep the place rich. Thus, you will experience a great time here. But younger ones might find the place boring. 

 Shigar Valley 

Bab-e-Shigar welcomes in the valley in a grandeur style. The concrete gateway has empty wide spaces on either side. But once you move ahead, there is a whole new world. This valley is just close to the city of Skardu. In essence, there are some great places to visit in the valley. We have some best five places for you to witness. 

Shigar View Point 

There is a bridge that is known as the viewpoint of the valley. It is just around twenty minutes away from the central city destination. The bridge is iconic in presenting enchanting views of the Cold Desert.

Blind Lake 

Blind Lake is a great camping spot for tourists. The lake has the shape of an eye but the name comes from a single entry and no exit. Greenfields and mountains present a soothing atmosphere under crystal skies. 

Blind Lake
The scenic Blind Lake

Shigar River 

Another great camping spot is up for grabs at the Shigar River. The place has a great cleansing view through the clear water. Pebbles beneath and a wide sky above, views do not get better. 

Shigar Fort 

There is a great historical site available while you move up to the K2. The Shigar Fort is breathtaking for presenting rocky steeps. The local name itself means a fort on the rocks. 

Amburiq Mosque 

If you have seen traditional hats of Gilgit-Baltistan, this mosque has a similar structure. Square in shape, it has a good location among the greenery. 

 Khaplu Valley 

Khaplu Valley serves as a fine tourist spot. It includes iconic camping spots and cultural sites to visit. For summer travelers, this place is heaven. But places in the valley make its importance at a high stake. 

Khaplu Fort 

Initially built by Daulat Khan as the governmental hub of Khaplu. The place nowadays is much more than a fort.You could also book your stay at this fort because Serena Hotels now have a stake in the fort. It is the best luxurious hotel to stay in during the visit. 

Chaqchan Mosque 

Build in the 1700s, this mosque is a great attraction for tourists. The structures resemble local Gilgit hats in the most. Close to the trees with mountains surrounding through the back. It is a spectacular atmosphere to indulge in some spiritual time. 

Shyok River 

The water appears greenish-blue or sometimes cyan. And what better soothing effect comes after this? Grey mountains in the back have their special place along the river. 

Hushe Village 

Hushe Village in Khaplu looks like a city within the mountains. Flowers cover most parts of the village. Beware of ibex and snow leopards that have homes in the village. 

Saling Spangtoq 

A green field with large orange mountains in the back. The sunset and dawn take away your breath. A photograph here is enough to win awards!

 Basho Valley 

The Basho Valley has positioned around an hour and a half from central Skardu city. It is home to green forests and exquisite tracks alongside streams. Beauty and picturesque scenarios make it nothing short of heaven. 

Chocolate Rock 

The Chocolate Rock in Basho Valley is of not much importance. In essence, the place gets the name from shining rocks that appear smooth and silky. Enough for a good picture and a quick stop. 

Basho Meadows 

The place is around three hours away from Skardu. But with a clean stream, locally built bridge, green fields, and stunning mountains in the back. Scenes do not come better or even close to this!

This region in Basho has grass covering the mountains in addition. You will see everything in green and thus a calming experience for the eyes. 

Basho Waterfall 

Like Niagara Falls in Canada, this place gives goosebumps. The stream flows from within the mountains. This place has importance for hydropower plants in the region. 

 Astore Valley 

Located in the Astore district of Gilgit-Baltistan, this is arguable the most popular tourist valley in Pakistan. And it houses some great adventurous spots for you. 

Rupal Base Camp 

If you are a graphic designer, it is possible to replicate the scene and win a major award. At night, this place is by far the most spectacular sight to view. Snowy mountains and yellow camps at a distance. Camping reaches its peak here!

Nanga Parbat View Point 

Astore offers its visitors a great place to mesmerize their eyes. Nanga Parbat’s iconic view is up for viewing at Tarshing. The peak is a bit far but enough to be visible. 

Allah Wali Jheel 

This is another place in a valley that has grass covering up to the mountains. The trees that grow along the mountains extend upwards. And you can camp along a not-so-deep lake nearby.

Allah Wali Jheel

Deosai Bara Pani 

Deosai Bara Pani has a lake at the center and wide wavy fields nearby. The mountains do not cover the region. So you have a full view of the sky and some great camping experience. 

Rainbow Lake Astore 

Rainbow Lake is another great viewing place in the lake-rich valley. Small bridges provide you with depth in culture and planning. Small lakes find good positions among dark grey mountains. Another great camping spot!

Bottom Line

Gilgit, especially Skardu, is rich in tourism. People visit these places but do not make a short trip. The local government is providing people with great resting and eating options. TDCP motels are available for people to book for a good experience. There are even good options for luxury lovers, such as the Serena Hotel. In essence, there is much to explore and much to visualize!

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