Top 33 Gyms in Lahore

Best gyms in Lahore

Staying in shape is the best requirement for all and for that we brought an ultimate list of gyms in Lahore. For a lot, this is one of the key resolutions. In addition, a lot is going on in the training industry. For this, you will see loads of gyms opening near you. While many people feel reluctant to take a trip to a gym.

However, for a few, there is not enough knowledge regarding gyms which are located near their place. Hence, we have done the hard part of shortlisting some of the best lahore gyms for freaks!

Even you can also get info about the best choices regarding Islamabad Gyms.



Bodybuilding is the real craze nowadays. In essence, it is the best choice for strength training, group classes, cross fit classes, outdoor sessions, personal training, and customized diet plans. Moreover, clients’ success is their goal. ACTIVO gym brings much attention to it because it offers services not only to men but for women too.

Personal training 

Fitness training 

Nutrition planning and session through diet plans 

Outdoor training sessions 

Cross fit classes 

Strength training

Activo Fitness

Contact Info

Address: First floor 199-FF, DHA, Phase 4 Sector FF Lahore Punjab 54200.


Contact: 03004409888


Situated in DHA phase 3, it is one of the top gyms in Lahore. This is one of the oldest and most reliable ones for the customers. Because this gym has been providing services since 1988. It is famous for its special services like: Wheelchair-accessible entrance 

Personal training 

Nutrition charts.

Equipment like Johnson, Matrix, Horizon, and Felix

Contact Info:

Address: 297 Y, Commercial DHA, Sector Y Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab 54750.

Facebook Page:

Phone; 0322 2255591


If someone wants to be a part of a Co gym then Summit Lifestyle is the best option. This is one of the best and most famous co-gyms in the DHA phase 3. The gym offers services in a very professional and punctual manner. In addition, they also have an online store for gym equipment.

Summit Life Style

Contact Info

Address: 183 street 11, Y Block, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab.


Contact: 0323 4984725


Power House is another CO Gym in DHA Lahore, but with the biggest area. This gym is the biggest in Y Block. Thus provides several services. For Instance: Aerobics, Cycling, jazzercise, kickboxing, nutrition consulting, personal training private lessons, and also Zumba. This Gym has separate lockers and classes area for women.

Contact Info

Address: 179 above Chen One, Sector Y, DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

Facebook Page:

Contact: 0321 7593916


The most popular name on the move among the youngsters is of shapes. A state-of-the-art top gym in lahore has a wide and spacious house containing the equipment. Try boxing, swimming, yoga, personal training as well as playing some indoor sports. Shapes charge a hefty price since their location is in a prime region. Moreover, it does not offer you mediocre facilities. In essence, the quantity is spectacular enough to accommodate loads of visitors easily. After a tough day with your body, you can even relax in their purpose-built café.

Additional services by Shapes include:Variety of training programs 

Nutrition management 

Fitness programs 

Online programs regarding fitness 

Weight training

Contact Info:

Address: 13 Street, Sector G Phase 5 DHA Lahore Punjab


Contact: 0321 4337172


Another top-class gym in DHA is ActivFit. This gym is known for its long-serving professionalism in the training industry for the past five years. Alongside some spectacular and top-notch facilities for young and old. The gym has dedicated services for the children too. Among various activities such as personal training and yoga. Now you can bring your kids to the gym as well. All the activities that you tend to get your hands on having a special section for the kids too. 

Their outstanding activities include:Nutrition guidance and services 

Boot Camp for kids as well elders 

Yoga classes for elders 

Zumba sessions and classes for both kids and elders 

Special and specific gym for kids alone 

In essence to their services, the inside of the gym competes with that of Shapes. The structure and the lighting from the inside are great to keep the people in a calming presence. 

So without any further ado, get your stuff packed in your gym bags when you plan to get yourself in shape in Activo Fitness center.


Contact Info

Address: 320-Z (2nd floor), commercial area, phase 3, DHA, Sector Z LAHORE Punjab

Facebook Page:

Contact: 0321 1110001


This is a CO Gym in DHA with a 5-star rating. The training place offers weight loss workouts for both men and women. For instance, weight loss plans for losing 25lbs in 12weeks for both men and women. It has appealing discount offers and personalized plans. In addition, the gym is a customer targeting base.

Contact Info

Address: 213-Y Block DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

Facebook Page:

Contact: 0323 7710224


It is the first crossfit affiliate gym. Moreover, this gym also has an online shop which deals in the best equipment for exercise at home. It has two branches in Lahore i.e. one in DHA and the other in Askari 11. The gym is open throughout the week and provides all of the necessary gym services, with innovative methods. 

These include:Motivation through music 

Best nutritive DIY for better health

Small video tutorials on Facebook for better understanding 

Best for gym and at-home exercise.

Contact Info

Address: 186Y, Phase 3, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan


Contact: 0321 4766269.


Aim fitness studios are one of the best gyms in Lahore. This gym offers several services for instance HIIT FIT, DanceFit, Yoga, Pilates, LIFT, and ComboFit. This gym has expert staff and proper equipment required for workouts. It offers services from MONDAY-SUNDAY.

Contact Info

Address: in 167 Street 11, Sector Y DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab

Facebook Page:

Contact: 042 35912475


Convert fitness atelier has two branches one in DHA Z block and ONE IN DHA Phase 5. It offers many classes for fitness including step up fitness dance. In addition to these classes, more facilities are available including lockers, personal training, and meal plans. It also offers various discounts on fees and card offers on Askari bank. In addition, this training center is affordable.

Contact Info

Address: 62-Z Block, Commercial Area, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore

Facebook Page:

Contact: 042 35692956


This gym offers all the conventional services of a gym but in addition to them, it also offers Tabatha and HIIT. In short, it is an advanced services type Gym, with all of the advanced equipment. Its services are for 6 days Monday-Saturday. Equinox offers customized meal and fitness plans. Therefore, this individual service makes it a good consideration among top gyms in Lahore.

Contact Info

Address: 4-Z Commercial Plaza, DHA Phase 3, Lahore


Contact: 0322 26500068


Among the top gyms in Lahore, Structure health and fitness is the most prominent. The gym offers nearly all types of client-friendly services. These include:Aerobics 



Nutrition Consulting

Personal training

Private lessons


Strength training

Cross fit


In addition to these, this gym provides customers with a personalized equipment plan, a trainee, TV on all gym equipment, Juice bars, Lockers, Sauna, and Jacuzzi as well.

Contact Info

Address: 4-Z Commercial Plaza, DHA Phase 3, Lahore


Contact: 042111395395



This gym provides international standard base services. Therefore, it is a customer-focused and personalized services-based gym. It provides all types of necessary training. 

For instance: Kickboxing

Battle rope cones 



Abs training 


Functional training

Equinox Fitness Center

Contact Info

Address: 11A Ghous-ul-Azam Rd, Main Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 042 35776816


Among the top gyms in Lahore, Structure health and fitness Gulberg Lahore is the most prominent star. Because This gym offers nearly all types of client-friendly services. These services include Aerobics, Cycling, Kickboxing, Nutrition Consulting, Personal training, Private lessons, Swimming, Strength training, Cross fit and Cardio.

In addition to these, this gym provides customers with a personalized equipment plan, a trainee, TV on all gym equipment, Juice bars, Lockers, Sauna, and jacuzzi as well.It offers services 6 days a week. It has three branches in Lahore: DHA, JOHAR TOWN, and main branch GULBERG, and one branch in Karachi.

Contact Info

Address: Gulberg 39-A Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg v, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 0322225559


If the mood is to train, eat, host an event, or just take out kids to a fine place. Lahore Gymkhana has it all. It is the most prestigious place in Lahore city and reflects history. In essence, the gym alone has a 12 member committee to elect a chairman. Moreover, the name gym does not go by it. It is profoundly known as a club. Widely spacious and covering a hefty radius, it is the most expensive gym or club in town. Hence, the memberships begin at around Rs. 1,400,000. 

Contact Info

Address: Zafar Ali Rd, Gulberg V, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 042 35789417


Verzish offers a big main workout area and sports facilities to its clients. Hence, it is popular among the people. Furthermore, it is fully equipped with the required machines. Thus making it an ideal place to work out. In essence, expert trainers are available for guidance.

Verzish Gym

Contact Info

Address: Building zone 2557 Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan


Contact: 0346 1465393


Indigo gym is not only a gym but a community. Because it consists of mutual understanding of client and trainer. In addition to understanding, the experts’ team for training helps to achieve the goal and also avoid any injury. It has very affordable fees. This gym offers a large workout area with different fitness machines. In short, it is a full package.

This gym offers:A variety of work plans

Newbie workout plan 

Ladies workout program and session 

Dedicated male workout sessions

Contact Info

Address: Noor Jehan Rd, Gulberg 3 Block 3, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 0316 4778835


Shape executive gym offers a big space with all of the necessary equipment for workouts. Due to a big space, it has sufficient equipment and different workout classes. It offers services for 6 days Monday-Saturday. Because of the bigger room and extensive services, this gym has its own swimming space. In addition to all these, this CO Gym has separate swimming areas and private lockers for ladies.

Contact Info

Address: G88P+XW6, Gulberg 3, Lahore, Punjab.


Contact: 042 111742737


Sams  gym makes Workout easy and joyful. This is not only a gym but a community. It has a spa for females and a separate pool. Furthermore, This gym has a beautiful environment, an ice room a warm, steam, and an infrared sauna. In addition to all, It is offering services to both males and females but has different timings for males and females.

Females timings for the gym are 7;30-AM-6PM

MALE gym timing 6 PM-10 PM.

Contact Info

Address: 40-BI Gulberg 3 OFF M.M Alam Road Lahore

Contact: 0322 4107350


It is one of the best CO Gyms. Hence making it one of the top gyms in Lahore. Rose Palace offers several top class services with different discount offers. Currently, there is no admission fee. It is open 24/7 throughout the week. 

In addition to the usual gym services, people can avail:Cycling 

Personal training 

Private lessons 


It has one branch in Firdous Market Lahore.

Rose Palace Gym

Contact Info

Address: 55-N Gurumangat Rd, Block N Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 0321 4337172


It is a complete health facility in Gulberg. Because it is offering other health services along with exercise services. This gym is the best option for ladies. Because it has a facility of executive gym and ladies gym.

Furthermore, This gym also has its squash court, swimming pool, and indoor game court along with a separate area for exercise. In short, it has everything to facilitate the client. It offers services 6 days a week Monday-Saturday.

Contact Info

Address: 25-H Gulberg 2, Lahore

Facebook Page:

Contact: 042 35751453


Cuts and shapes are not just offering gym services but also a better lifestyle. This gym is a grand project. Because it is offering not only CO GYM services but also a boutique, beauty salon, and CrossFit center under one roof. Therefore it is among the top gyms in Lahore. In conclusion, this Gym offers all of the female desire services.

It is the 7th most rated Gym among top gyms in Lahore. this gym is very famous, because of its services and also due to its services on Sunday as well.

Contact Info

Address: Zohra heights, Plot 19-E, Main Market, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab

Facebook page:

Contact: 0300 4217005


Velocity health and fitness

The gym is located in the Amanah Mall, a popular attraction of the town. In addition, the location itself speaks volumes since people visiting the mall always find the attraction. Moreover, the gym is not a mediocre one, to begin with. Enough of the useful equipment aside, the gym offers personal training. In essence, you can even have your locker as well as shower space. And if there is something extra you need, just try out their aerobics lessons and training!Vibrant infrastructure 

Great accommodations 

Personal locker and shower space 

Aerobics classes 

Opportunity to shop after the gym 

Velocity Fitness and Health

Contact Info

Address: 5th floor, Lahore Amanah mall in Model town.


Contact: 03224966664


From the name, you can sense the business is strong. This is not just a gym on our hands but a complete code breaker. In essence, no matter how much you are out of shape. Through Matrix gym, you can have support from all areas. Apart from your regular training and exercising, the gyms offer you some spectacular advantages. 

These include:General training 

Weight loss training 

Cardiovascular training 

Functional training 

Snack bar 

These make it one of the best gyms in lahore

Contact Info

Address: 72,77 bank square, Model town Lahore


Contact: 042-35881272


For a different look, this gym covers all aspects. In addition to the regular gym training and equipment, there is a ring for you as well. Just do not hop over into the place before having any training. But this is not something you have to gain from the outside. VCL MMA Gym offers top-tier training for martial arts lovers. Considering the things on offer, the gym does not charge a hefty fee at all. And for a lower price, this is one of the good gyms in lahore. Treadmills and all other necessities 

Spacious region 

Ring for MMA 

Dedicated MMA training 

Boxing training 

Personal training 

Contact Info

Address: 1st Floor 24M Civic Center Building, International Market Model Town M Block Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54700


Contact: +92344 7760000



Ladies Spa with a gym under one roof is one of the few requirements nowadays. Ladies can improve their health and can have a spa in the same location. Therefore, these facilities along with treadmills and dumbbells make this a good option among top gyms in Lahore.

Contact Info

Address: 3rd floor, Mall of Lahore, Aziz Bhatti Road, Cantt, Lahore.

Facebook page:

Contact: 042 111111980


This gym has 3rd ranking among top gyms in Lahore due to its ratings. This is due to its exceptional services and professional trainees. Services offered here are of international level. This gym offers a friendly environment to the customers. In essence, this place certainly knows how to grab others attention by offering different discounts and packages.

Body Fitness Gym

Contact Info

Address: 69, 2nd Floor, Main Commercial Area, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Punjab, 54810, Pakistan

Facebook page:

Contact: 0321 4579321



Beats Fitness 24/7 is a full-time gym in Garden town. Moreover, it is one of the best gyms in Garden town. The place offers services 6 days a week for 24 hours. In addition to this, it provides the members with a fine set of advanced machinery. Furthermore, they focus on diet as well as the physical activity of the client.

Beats Fitness Club

Contact Info

Address: 24, Ali Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab


Contact: 03204027607


When looking for an affordable and good gym in Faisal town Lahore for Students Be Legend Fitness Club is the best option. This gym offers student friendly timings for their ease. Furthermore it also provides excellent services with professional trainers and most advanced machinery. Thus making it one of the best gyms in Faisal Town Lahore. It is offering services 6 days a week (Monday- Saturday). 

Contact Info

Address: 8-C Main Faisal Town near Faysal Bank Lahore


Contact: 0316 4609209



Located near the main Grand Mosque of Valencia, this is a fine fitness center in lahore that lies within the town. A nice training space that offers the best training facilities in comparison to other gyms in the town. In essence, the space is decent but does not offer extraordinary features such as swimming pools and snack bars. In addition, the gym charges a decent fee; however, considering the ambiance, people come to train despite only general equipment and facilities. 

  • Personal training 
  • General equipment 
  • A few extra training equipment for arms and weight lifting 
  • Good theme and infrastructure

Contact Info

Address: Hyper Bazaar D Block Valancia Town Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Contact: 0321 1111128


Although it lies on the Defence Road however the exit of Valencia faces the UFC gym lahore. The unique position attracts interests from both Valencia as well as DHA Rehbar. Of the gym itself, it is a chain of international gyms now in various cities of Pakistan. The gym though solely focuses on MMA training through its dedicating approach. In addition to the basic facilities, the gym has special treadmills and trainer bikes from Precor and Star Trac. But the gym and training are not what you can avail at their heft price. There is a cinema as well as a conference room in the widely spacious gym. 

Additional extravagant specialties include:

  • A built-in store as well as a restaurant 
  • Swimming pools for male and female 
  • Jacuzzi and Sauna 
  • Play area for kids as well as a gym
  • Cinema and conference rooms
  • Halls for events and parties 

It is widely regarded by almost all as the best gym in lahore

Contact Info

Address: Defense Road, Opp, Valencia, Gate No 9, Phase 2 DHA Rahbar, Lahore

Facebook page:

Contact: 04235775582



Evoke fitness arena is one of the best gyms in PIA housing society Lahore. This gym offers the best place for a fitness workout. It offers international level fitness classes. This CO Gym provides a healthy environment for both genders. It has a large working area. In addition, Evoke has different seasonal discount offers to make it very affordable.

Evoke Fitness Arena

Contact Info

Address: Block B 1, PIA Housing Society, Lahore, Punjab

Facebook page:

Contact: 0304 4976288


Reshape fitness club is the best gym for women in Wapda town. It provides better life to women through several services. For instance; AEROBICS, NUTRITION CONSULTING, gymnastic, Zumba strength training, Tabata, weight lifting, yoga cardio, and weight management. In conclusion, it is the best choice for Wapda town residence

It offers its services 6 days a week Monday-Saturday.

Contact Info

Address: 2nd floor, Osmania Tower, Rehmat market Block A 1 WAPDA Town, Lahore, Punjab.

Facebook page:

Contact: 03158046177

Bottom Line

Selecting a good gym or a fitness club can be difficult without adequate knowledge. In essence, people tend to visit and join a gym near their home. But sometimes, they have to compromise on a lot of things such as facilities and equipment. Whereas traveling a few blocks can get them to a fine place. If you are a Lahori, Its impossible that you are not a fan of food. check out our detailed article on complete list of restaurant that offer Buffet in Lahore.

Hence, this read is to provide you with the top as well as average fitness gym lahore places. The hope is that you will get yourself in a good gym soon because 2022 is just around the corner!

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