Janshai Meadows; Explore The Hidden Gem of Swat

Janshahi Meadows Swat

Janshai Meadows unfolds the beauty that has never been discovered before in the beautiful Swat Valley. It is much praised by the visitors that spend quality time in its peaceful ambiance and scenic locations to rejuvenate their souls.

This ultimate guide is all about all that has never been deciphered before, so wait no more and read Janshai Meadows; Explore the Hidden Gem of Swat.

Location of Janshai Meadows

Janshai Meadows
Janshai Meadows

Janshai Meadows is located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the Kalam Valley. It is located at approximately an elevation of 3188 meters above ocean level. 

The beautiful Janshai Meadows in Swat Valley is in the South West direction from Shahi Banal and in the South direction from Bar Motli.

Janshai Meadows Surroundings

The incredible green Janshai Meadows is located among the high Snow-capped pinnacles and tall pine trees. It has in its surrounding magnificently scenic forested hills. 

Moreover, Janshai Meadows have freshwater streams with blue water flowing along the meadow. The animals grazing in the green pastures makes the place look more lively.

More About Janshai Meadows in Swat

Janshai Meadows in Swat
Janshai Meadows in Swat

Janshai Meadows is known as the Hidden Gem of the Swat Valley because of its exotic beauty. The unseen wonders of nature that are found here are the major reason behind its fame. 

The trek to Janshai Meadows starts from the Blue Waters spot that is approximately at a distance of 8 kilometers from the location.

Janshai Meadows Weather

The weather of Janshai Meadows remains the same as of overall Kalam Valley. The place experiences 4 seasons. However, the best time to visit Janshai Meadows is during the Summer or Spring season.

Janshai Meadows Temperature During Summer

During summer the temperature exceeds 28 Celcius in the Janshai Meadows. The minimum temperature remains 19 Celcius with no possibility of rainfall. 

There are a few exceptional days when the temperature gets around 30 Celsius. Such days are marked as the hottest days in the Janshai Meadows.

Janshai Meadows Temperature During Winter

The coldest months of the Kalam region including Janshai Meadows are December, January, and February. The temperature in the lowlands remains 5 to -10 Celsius during these months.

However, in the highlands, the temperature remains between -2 to -25 Celsius. Janshai Meadows, like the entire Kalam Valley, experiences snowfall for approximately 30 days.

Things To Do in Janshai Meadows


Sightseeing is one of the best activities one can enjoy in Janshai Meadows. The lavish surroundings make the place look incredible. The exotic plantation and picturesque mountains present a delightful scene.

The tourists get to see the unique natural sights in Janshai Meadows. From the freely flowing blue water to the highest mountain peaks and forested hills, the valley has so much to explore.


Janshai Meadows is itself reached after an 8 km trek starting from the Blue Waters Spot. The track is smooth with the river flowing alongside throughout the journey. 

One can also trek towards Kalam valley which is just 7 kilometers away from the Janshai Meadows Swat. Apart from the paved track, there are streams from the travelers could get fresh and clean water. 


Camping in Janshai, Swat
Camping in Janshai, Swat

Campers can enjoy so many options available in Janshai Meadows for camping. One can easily set a camp by the river or at the Blue Water Spot. 

Not just in Janshai Meadows but the camping spots are also available in places nearby. Marghazar is one of such valleys in Swat where tourists prefer to set up their camps.

Tourist Attractions Near Janshai Meadows Swat

Mastij Lake

Mastij Lake is one of the highest glacial lakes in the Swat region. It is located at an elevation of 13,081 feet above sea level among the gigantic snow-covered pinnacles. The Mastij waterfall is just nearby too and that is also a mesmerizing spectacle to view. 

Mastij Lake appears blue if viewed from a closer angle. However, it mirrors the reflection of the greenery at its forefront and mountains in its background.

Desan Meadows

Desan Meadows is a loveable destination for trekkers specifically. It starts from the Kalam Valley and is located at the end of a Jeep track. During summer the place looks mesmerizing due to the green trees that turn rusty during autumn presenting a beautiful sight. 

Tourists can easily start their journey towards Desan Meadows from Kalam Bazaar. Though there are no snack points available, trekkers can get fresh water from streams.

Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif is the capital of the Swat and Mingora region having multiple accommodations, food, and tourism availability. The place itself is surrounded by mountains and is located along with the River Swat.

Saidu Sharif has famous tourist attractions like Swat Museum and incomparable archeological sites like the Butkara Stupa, Nemogram Stupa, Saidu Sharif Stupa.

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand lake is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes located in Swat. It is famous for the farming and availability of trout fish. The tourist activities like boating, fishing, and camping are enjoyed here. 

It is just a 2 hour and 28 minutes drive from Janshai meadows to Mahodand lake. The best time to visit this place is during Summer as it gets covered with snow in Winter.


Bahrain is a crowded city having markets filled with famous traditional handicrafts. It is one of the busiest cities of the Swat region due to the availability of hotels, markets, and restaurants for tourists. 

Due to its location near to all the famous tourist sites of Swat, Bahrain is preferred for stays by the visitors. The city itself is located among the mountains and along the bank of River Swat making it look more attractive.


Marghazar is a famous hill station in Swat Valley. It is famous for the forested hills and White Palace. The place was once visited by Queen Elizabeth and she stayed there as she found it peaceful. 

It is indeed an ideal location for camping, bonfires, and trekking. Marghazar stream is one of the famous natural tourist attractions in the Marghazar Valley.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba Ski Resort
Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Have you ever experienced skiing in Pakistan? If not, visit the Malam Jabba Ski resort. It has two ski tracks and chairlifts for the amusement of tourists. 

Malam Jabba equally has comfortable 5 star and 3-star hotel options for tourists. There is just a 3 hour and 45 minutes distance between Malam Jabba and Janshai Meadows.

How to Reach Janshai Meadows in Swat Valley?

There are multiple options to choose from for visiting Swat Valley from all the major cities of Pakistan. However, Janshai Meadows can only be reached by a jeep to the blue waters spot.

Swat To Janshai Meadows Route

It is a scenic journey from Swat to Janshai that makes one pass through the lively villages. The crowded markets and local eateries serve tourists fresh food and fruits. 

It takes approximately a 3-hour drive from Swat to Janshai Meadows.

Saidu Sharif to Janshai Meadows Route

Saidu Sharif can be reached by Peshawar after covering a distance of 200km. Tourists can travel to Saidu Sharif also by Swat highway through Islamabad.

The Janshai Meadows to Saidu Sharif distance is of 3 hours and 8 minutes via the N5 motorway.

Hotels In Janshai Meadows

Janshai Meadows is a campsite that is visited mostly by independent trekkers. Hence, the place does not have many options to stay and comparatively people find it more convenient to plan their stay in the Kalam Valley.

Blue Ocean Hotel Kalam

Blue Ocean is one of those hotels in the vicinity of Kalam Valley having a restaurant. It is located on the bank of the river that one can have a magnificent view of from its balcony.

The Blue Ocean Hotel ensures a hygienic and family-friendly for its guests. Moreover, it is just a 13-minute drive away from both Kalam and Usho forests.

Al- Sadiq Hotel and Restaurant

Al-Sadiq hotel and restaurant is a 3-star hotel located in Malam Jabba. Among all the top-notch facilities, the hotel also has a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines. 

Visitors staying at Al-Sadiq hotel and restaurant get easy access to enjoy the many tourist activities in Swat. They can easily visit any place nearby like Marghazar, Janshai Meadows, etc.


Swat is one of those places that welcome thousands of both local and foreign tourists each year. It has many places to visit one of which is the Janshai Meadows; The Hidden Gem of Swat. To explore more about Swat visit our article on best places to visit in swat, a worth visiting place.

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