Top 50 Renowned Restaurants in Islamabad

Restaurants in Islamabad

Islamabad is a city where you can find cuisine from every corner of the world. Whether it’s Pakistani food or something more international, there are plenty of great restaurants in Islamabad to choose from, no matter what your taste buds are craving.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best eateries in Islamabad based on our personal experiences and recommendations from locals. So, let’s slide in!

50 Best Restaurants in Islamabad Pakistan

Foodies never compromise on the quality and taste of food. Islamabad is a city that is blessed with a great variety of Cafes and restaurants with delectable food. From desi to continental, you name it, and we have it.

Choose your favorite restaurant from the list below and enjoy the best dining experience in Islamabad.

Top restaurants in Islamabad

Restaurants in F7 Markaz Islamabad 

BLT Islamabad Continental Restaurant (Continental Cuisine)

Here is another choice for a top-quality restaurant in Islamabad, the BLT. This F-7/3 spot is perfect for a variety of continental cuisine, including burgers, sandwiches, seafood, and an array of hot and cold beverages.

The elegance of the setting is only surpassed by the quality of service provided by the staff. Seating is available both indoors and outdoors, with a cozy atmosphere inside and a refreshing view outside. It offers specialties such as steaks and burgers.

Khiva Restaurant (Pakistani, Uzbek & Continental Cusinies)

Khiva Restaurant is a great place to try out dishes from Pakistani, Uzbekistan, and Continental Cuisines. The restaurant offers excellent lunch, hi-tea, and dinner buffets, and the affordability factor makes it one of the best affordable restaurants in Islamabad.

In addition, Khiva Restaurant also offers special deals for 2 and 4 people. The high-selling dishes are Lamb Rosh / Dum Pukht. The highlight of the restaurant is its Ala Carte and buffet menu that features refreshing beverages.

Howdy Cow Boy Theme Restaurant (Fast Food)

Howdy is a great spot for a casual meal if you’re looking to taste the American West. The burgers and grilled meats are top-notch, and the Old West cowboy theme transports you to another place and time.

howdy restaurant in islamabad

The hospitality is also fantastic, making it a great choice for a relaxed dining experience. Moreover, the food is reasonably priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a delicious meal.

Yum Chinese & Thai Restaurant (Chinese & Thai Cuisines)

Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant is another one of the famous restaurants in Islamabad f7. The place is really modern and incorporates ethnic design. They specialize in Chinese and Thai cuisine, and prices are comparatively reasonable.

All of their dishes are made fresh to order and use the highest quality ingredients. Their specialty is the Yum Fish – a stir fry topped with almonds. So if you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out Yum Chinese and Thai Restaurant in Islamabad.

Rakaposhi Height Restaurant (Afghan Cuisine)

Rakaposhi Heights is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad, known for its great ambiance and affordable lunch, dinner, and hi-tea buffets. The restaurant features traditional Afghan specialties like Pulao, Biryani, aloo gosht, BBQ, seafood, Chinese and panoramic views.

The chefs at Rakaposhi Heights are from Afghanistan, so that you can expect nothing less than amazing food. The place can also be booked for various events. Moreover, the restaurant has a great view of the cityscape, making it a perfect place to enjoy a meal.

CGC (Char Grill Central): (Fast Food)

Char grill central

Char Grill Central is the perfect place for burger lovers in Islamabad. Their burgers are made with fresh, unprocessed ingredients and procured daily from local vendors.

This ensures that our burgers are always fresh and juicy, offering you a unique experience. Moreover, the venue has a great ambiance and is perfect for hanging out with friends.

Ox & Grill Steakhouse (Italian & Mexican Cuisines)

If you are looking for steak restaurants in Islamabad, then Ox & Grill Steakhouse is the right choice. In addition to steaks, the menu also includes other items such as Italian and Mexican cuisine. The staff is very courteous and serves complimentary garlic bread to customers.

The quantity and price of food are reasonable. Some of the must-try dishes include chicken parmesan, Louisiana chicken, and spicy buffalo burgers. The desserts are also very good. They have a wide range of hot and cold beverages.

Koffee Net (Fast Food)

Koffee Net is an excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee and birthday party arrangements. They have unique decor, delicious food, and well-done services. The environment is delightful and romantic, with winter outdoor weather adding more charm.

The deals are also very economical. They offer complimentary tea in their deals and are known for their decor and well-presentable cakes.

Pappasalliss Italian Restaurant (Italian Cuisine)

Pappasallis is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Islamabad. They offer a vast menu with appetizers, soups, special chicken and beef dishes, combination platters, charcoal dishes, seafood, sizzling Thai food, toothsome pizzas, plates of pasta, etc.

The ambiance of the restaurant and its quick service, along with its location, are some of the main attractions for people. Items are a bit pricey but worth trying.

Restaurants in Beverly Center Islamabad (Blue Area)

Asian Wok (Thai & Chinese Cuisines)

The overall ambiance of Asian Wok is great, with painted walls and Chinese decor adding an authentic touch. The staff is courteous and attentive and welcomes guests with free margaritas and fish crackers.

The menu features a wide range of delicious Pan-Asian dishes, making it one of the best places to enjoy this type of cuisine in town. However, they are known for their Thai and Chinese food.

The Capital Grill (Seafood & Italian Cuisines)

The Capital Grill Islamabad is a top-notch restaurant at Beverly center, known for its excellent steaks. They are also famous for their superb seafood and Italian cuisine. The prices are very reasonable, making it a great choice for a casual dining experience.

As an appetizer, they serve Mint Margarita Shots and salsa. The menu is versatile, with something to suit every taste. Moreover, the service is attentive and courteous, adding to the overall dining experience.

Tiger Temple (Thai Cuisine)

Finding good and one of the best Thai restaurants in Islamabad has always been a challenge; however, Tiger Temple makes it easy to enjoy a bowl of Pad Thai or Tom Kha Kai. The minimalistic white decor at Tiger Temple sets the mood for a delicious Thai feast.

Tiger temple restaurant in islamabad

Some standout dishes include Goong Tohd Prawns, Chicken, Mushroom Dumplings, and Chili and Basil Chicken. Overall, the food is tasty and reasonably priced.

Tau’s (Desi Cuisine)

Tau is a restaurant that offers delicious Desi cuisine. The menu includes starters, rolls and bread, BBQ, main courses, drinks, and tea. Their Biryani is worth trying. Tau has caught the attention of its good taste food and offers a pleasant and peaceful dine-In place to eat.

Tau’s comes among the best desi restaurants in Islamabad. Moreover, the restaurant also provides takeaway and delivery services. Furthermore, it is also a great place for family and friends gatherings.

Meraki Restaurant (BBQ, Continental, Desi, Chinese Cuisines)

Meraki Restaurant in Islamabad is a must-visit for all the foodies out there. They are experts in Continental, Desi, Chinese and BBQ cuisines. The best part is getting all of these delicious cuisines under one roof.

The restaurant also offers a lunch and hi-tea buffet for its customers. So if you’re planning to take your office colleagues out for hi-tea, then this is the place to be. Moreover, Meraki is one of the Islamabad’s aesthetic restaurants.

Restaurants in Islamabad Blue Area 

Salt n’Pepper (Fast Food, Chinese, Pakistani & Cuisines)

A casual dinner with Salt n’Pepper is great for the whole family. The ambiance is comfortable and relaxed, with a spacious interior and a separate play area for children. Their menu is vast, ranging from burgers and steaks to Chinese and Pakistani dishes. Salt ‘n’ Pepper’s signature entree is the Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pineapple Sauce.

salt n pepper- Restaurants in Islamabad

It consists of breadcrumbs-coated fried chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and herbs, coated with a sweet pineapple sauce. You can expect food to arrive within 15 minutes, and you should also try the salad bar. 

Dragon City Chinese Restaurant (Chinese Cuisine)

Dragon City Chinese Restaurant is known for its excellent Chinese food and friendly staff. This place presents a wide variety of almost 90 Chinese dishes to choose from, and the prices are very reasonable.

The 5 live kitchens concept lets you see how your meal is being cooked. Moreover, their special soup is highly recommended. The ambiance is also top-notch, and the service is very efficient.

Usmania Restaurant (Chinese, Pakistani & Continental Cuisines)

With its superb Chinese, Pakistani, and continental cuisines, Usmania Restaurant never disappoints. This restaurant offers a welcoming ambiance and attentive service. It boasts a friendly atmosphere, excellent food, and efficient hygiene.

Their specialties include chicken, quail, and lamb leg steamed roast, but they also serve superb BBQ and offer burgers, sandwiches, and pasta in the international corner. So, get your hands on famous desi food at Usmania.

Restaurants in Islamabad f6 Markaz 

Reveries Restaurant (Italian & American Cuisines)

Reveries is an exquisite Italian-American restaurant renowned for its juicy, tender steaks. The succulent meats are cooked to perfection, making them some of the best in town. The ambiance is simply amazing, and the plates of pasta are to die for.

The staff is humble and helpful, and the small exclusive setup is great for people looking for a peaceful dinner or lunch. If you’re ever in Islamabad, be sure to check out Reveries. You won’t regret it!

The Smokey Cauldron (Italian, Chineses)

The Smokey Cauldron is a Harry Potter theme-based restaurant. It is named after the Leaky Cauldron of Diagon Alley, which acted as a bridge between the Wizarding World and that of the muggles in the books.

As creative as its menu, it offers dishes like the Soothing and energizing potion to energize witches and wizards. A wicked brew that even professor Snape would love. A Muggle’s Choice Burger can give you wings because it is stuffed and saucy. Try it now!

Mindanos (Chinese, Thai, & Continental Cuisines)

If you’re searching for a sophisticated spot to enjoy a delicious meal in Islamabad, look no further than Mindanos restaurant. This popular eatery offers a variety of delectable dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning palate.

Whether you’re in the mood for some traditional Chinese fare, Thai or continental cuisine, or a tasty Italian dish, you’ll find it all on the menu at Mindanos.

Nando’s (Portuguese)

Nando’s is known for its chicken dishes, which are cooked in Portuguese-style peri peri sauce. Nando’s has several locations in Islamabad and is also one of the great eateries in Lahore. The food is always fresh and delicious.

The staff is also very friendly and helpful, making it a great place to eat out with friends or family. So if you’re in the mood for some flame-grilled chicken, be sure to check out Nando’s!

Tuscany Courtyard (Italian, Mediterranean, European Cuisines)

The Tuscany Courtyard is one of the elite Italian restaurants in Islamabad. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting. The indoor seating area is adorned with dim gold lights, textured wooden tiles, and a huge scenic painted wall.

Moreover, its rooftop seating is marvelous and this makes it among the top-rated choice among rooftop restaurants in Islamabad.

Italian restaurants in islamabad

The menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, including pizzas, pasta, and risottos. Tuscany Courtyard is also among the keto diet restaurants in Islamabad due to its Keto Menu.

District 6 (Italian, Continental & Desi Cuisine)

here comes another great restaurant in Islamabad? Check out District 6! This restaurant has an extensive menu with something for everyone, plus a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting.

The interior is posh, aesthetically pleasing, and very sleek. They deal in Italian, continental, and desi cuisine, and District 6 donuts and coffee are a must-try. Plus, don’t forget to order District Classic Burger with delicious homemade fries.

Khyber Dodai (Barbecue, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani Cuisines)

Khyber Dodai is one of the most popular Afghan restaurants in Islamabad. They are well-known for their authentic and delicious Afghani cuisine, and their menu features several traditional dishes such as Shinwari Karahi, Namkeen Tikka, and Lamb Tikka.

desi restaurants in islamabad

Their specialty dish is the Painda, which is a traditional Afghani dish. Moreover, they offer dine-in and takeaway services, but they do not have a delivery service.

Porterhouse (Steakhouse)

Porterhouse is the ideal spot for carnivores looking for delectable steak dinners. This restaurant’s namesake dish is a composite steak containing filet and strip steak cuts, providing a robust, full-flavored meal.

This makes it a great steak restaurant in Islamabad. The menu also features a variety of other meaty entrees, as well as sides and salads to round out your dining experience.

Restaurants in Saidpur Village Islamabad

Des Pardes (Barbecue, Asian, Pakistani)

Saidpur’s restaurants are a must-go for all foodies who want to have a unique and different dining experience. From the tantalizing smells of Mughlai cuisine wafting through the air to the delectable Continental dishes on offer, Des Pardes standouts for its variety.

With its historical background, the restaurant offers a unique blend of Mughlai, Shinwari, Chinese, Continental, Bar BQ, and Tandoori cuisines in a beautiful setting. Everything is expertly prepared by talented chefs.

Andaaz (Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Balti, Eastern European Cuisines)

Andaaz Restaurant gives you royal vibes with its outdoor seating and desi cuisine. To top it all off, the staff is very courteous, and the food is amazing. The BBQ paneer tikka is a must-try and the Chuza makhani and daal makhani.

The restaurant setting is very picturesque, located in Saidpur Village near F6 section in Islamabad. Andaaz is definitely an amazing place with good food, making it one of the top-rated desi restaurants in Islamabad.

Restaurants in Shakar Parian Road Islamabad

Ramada Rooftop Barbecue

Ramada Rooftop Barbecue is a great place to enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet as it is their specialty while taking in the stunning view of Rawal Lake and the Margalla Hills. The restaurant gains more popularity among the top 15 buffet restaurants.

The place is also known for corporate events, birthday celebrations, and anniversaries. Moreover, the attentive staff and comfortable setting make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Yogi Haus (Italian, Chinese, German, Thai Cuisines)

Yogi Haus is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner with a serene location and views of Shakar Parian national park. This restaurant offers a variety of Chinese, continental, and oriental cuisines that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Make sure to try their Chinese yogi’s special.

The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that you have a pleasant dining experience. Yogi Haus is also a great spot to celebrate various events. For reservations and bookings, you can contact them.

Wild Rice Restaurant (Asian Cuisine)

Wild Rice Restaurant in Islamabad is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic international cuisine. It offers a wide variety of Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and Chinese dishes, all cooked to perfection.

The restaurant’s inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family or friends. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely dining experience, Wild Rice Restaurant is sure to please.

1969 Restaurant (Soups, Asian, Pakistani Cuisines)

1969 is one of the top restaurants in Islamabad with a 60s-them that offers a broad scope of food. The restaurant was set up in 2010 and included indoor and open-air feasting regions. The menu highlights Turkish, Pakistani, Spanish, and Indian cuisines.

The restaurant is perfect for celebrating weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions in a grand setting. Moreover, the restaurant has an extensive drinks menu to complement your meal.

Restaurants in F10 Markaz Islamabad

Suki Sushi Japanese & Korean Restaurant 

It is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Islamabad that provides an excellent fine dining experience. Suki Sushi 20 of the best-selling dishes, which are sure to satisfy your sushi cravings.

Japanese restaurants in islamabad

From the beautifully presented sushi rolls to the delicious sashimi, every dish is a work of art. The menu can be a bit confusing for people who have never had sushi before, but you can expect the best Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine.

Mirchi 360

Mirchi 360 is a small restaurant in Islamabad that offers a wide variety of food items, from snacks to meals. What sets them apart is their specialty Spicy Biryani served in a Matka (traditional clay pot). Mirchi has taken the humble dish of Biryani to new heights by serving it in a Matka, and people love it!

Not only does Mirchi 360 offer open-air and in-door sitting with an amazing ambiance, but it’s also the perfect place to fulfill your cravings for some spice!

Restaurants in PWD Islamabad 

Tandoori Restaurant (Italian, Chinese, Seafood, Barbecue, Pakistani, Middle Eastern Cuisines)

Tandoori Restaurant is one of the best desi restaurants in Islamabad that offers a variety of mouthwatering food options. The restaurant is known for its tandoori Dum Biryani, but also has a range of Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

In addition to its carefully curated menu, the restaurant also boasts a timeless ambiance. They also offer buffet dinner options in Ramadan.

OTT (Over The Top)

OTT is a restaurant that provides not only good food but also an amazing dining experience. They have desi food to pizza and steaks on their menu, making it perfect for any time of the day.

They stand out due to their bright yellow and black indoor setup, making the place look lit even at night. So if you’re ever in Islamabad, make sure to check out OTT!

Restaurants in Islamabad i8

Habibi Restaurant (Continental Restaurant)

Habibi Restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious and traditional desi meal. With a wide range of options on the menu, the restaurant has a warm and welcoming ambiance, with plenty of heritage-inspired details. From the food to the decor, Habibi is a true celebration of Pakistani culture.

So come and enjoy a taste of the past at Habibi Restaurant. Here you can order some of the best traditional foods like Madrasi Chicken, Jumbo Prawns (Bar.B.Q) & Habibi Special Sea Food Platter, and more.

Chaye Khana (American, Asian & Pakistani Cuisines)

Are you in the mood for some good ol’ chai? Well, we have just the place for you. Chaye Khana is a restaurant that specializes in tea and coffee, along with some delectable food to accompany it.

With options for American, Asian, and Pakistani cuisine, there’s something for everyone here. Not to mention, the prices are quite reasonable, making it a great choice for a family meal or even a small gathering.

Margalla Hills (Pir Sohawa Road)

The Monal Restaurant (Grill, Asian, Pakistani Cuisines)

The Monal is a top restaurant in Islamabad situated near the Margalla hills. The menu is largely dominated by oriental cuisine, presenting a scrumptious choice of chicken dishes such as Chicken Makhani, Chicken green chili, Chicken ginger, and Chicken jalfrezi.

Monal Islamabad restaurant

The restaurant’s dim gold bulbs produce an exemplary atmosphere, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. Checkout out the detailed Monal Islamabad review.

La Montana Restaurant (Barbecue, Asian, Pakistani Cuisines)

Looking for a breathtaking spot to enjoy a fantastic meal in Islamabad? Let’s go, La Montana! This elegant restaurant is located in the Margalla Hills. The menu features delicious Pakistani, continental, BBQ, and Chinese cuisine.

Chooza Makhni, steaks, and smoothies are the restaurant’s specialties. The large ceiling-to-floor windows provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. La Montana is perfect for a special lunch or dinner and for hosting corporate events.

Restaurants in DHA Islamabad

Bar B.Q. Tonight (Barbeque, Grill & Pakistani Cuisines)

Bar B.Q. Tonight is one of the most popular restaurants in Islamabad, known for its wide range of barbecue specialties. The menu includes a variety of soups, salads, appetizers, and grilled chicken, beef, and mutton dishes.

There is also a selection of Chinese dishes and steaks available and several Pakistani dishes and seafood items. The place is also known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great choice for a casual night out.

Mattanys Pizzas & More (Pizza)

Are you craving some of the best pizza in Islamabad? Then you need to head over to Mattany’s Pizzas! They serve both Chicago-style deep dish and New York-style medium crust pizza, so you can get your fix no matter what your preference is.

Some of their most popular deep-dish pizzas include peri peri chicken, fajita jalapeno, classic Hawaiian, and beef pepperoni. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, they also offer Alfredo pasta, zinger burgers, fried chicken, chicken wings, and much more.

Enchanto Restaurant

Enchanto is among the top 5 restaurants in Islamabad for many reasons. The first one is the location. It is situated in a very prime and easily accessible location in Islamabad. Secondly, the food at Enchanto is just exquisite.

The barbecue is definitely worth trying, and their traditional Shinwari dishes are simply mouthwatering. Last but not the least, the food at Enchanto is extremely hygienic and healthy, thanks to the modern and conventional cooking techniques used.

Restaurants in Islamabad Bahria Town

Wildmen Restaurant 

Wildmen Restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate major milestones in life, throw parties, or enjoy a meal at affordable rates. Its wooden interior, special decor, and cozy atmosphere are perfect for intimate gatherings.

Make sure to try their Italian bread and steaks, they’re the restaurant’s specialties. Indoor and outdoor dining options are available. These plus points make it one of the best restaurants in Bahria town phase 4 Islamabad.

Roasters Coffee House & Grill (Grill)

It is the perfect place to enjoy gourmet coffee and a delicious meal in Islamabad. Roasters Coffee House & Grill menu features refreshing salads, gourmet burgers, wraps and sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, desserts, and more. They are known for their great deals and flavored coffee.

The best part about Roasters is that it serves breakfast daily, including the menu of traditional American-style pancakes, waffles, Egg Benedict, Crepes, etc. You can call this place one of the best restaurants in Islamabad for breakfast.

Kallisto (Barbecue)

Kallisto is one of the top restaurants in Bahria Town Islamabad, known for its stunning views and delicious food. The terrace is full of beautiful scenery, and the indoor and outdoor seating areas are perfect for enjoying a meal.

restaurants in Islamabad Bahria town

The menu features a wide variety of options, including English breakfast, light bites, bakery items, and desserts. The tea house is a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect for a casual meal or evening out.

MeiKong Chinese Restaurant (Continental, Thai, Chinese Cuisines)

Meikong is famous for family-style dining and corporate sector dine-in services. Meikong Restaurant’s diverse menu balances intense fresh flavors of Chinese, Thai, Continental & Sizzling Desi Food. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad, with 31 diverse dishes from other cuisines too.

It has further been highly appreciated for the brilliant services. Quality of food, price, and ambiance are the other traits that make it worth visiting.

Gold Restaurant (American & Italian Cuisines)

Gold Restaurant is the perfect place to visit before or after catching a movie at Cinegold Plex. With American and Italian cuisine on the menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at one of the best restaurants in Islamabad Bahria town.

The restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience that is sure to leave you wanting more. So next time you’re planning a night out at the movies, make sure to stop by Gold Restaurant for an unforgettable meal.

Restaurants in Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Sizzling Wok (Chinese , Thai Cuisines)

Looking for a delicious and unique twist on Chinese and Thai cuisine? Let’s go to Sizzling Wok! They use only the freshest ingredients to create stir-fry dishes that are full of flavor and color. Have you tried cashew and kung pao chicken? They are worth trying.

Whether you’re a fan of sweet or savory dishes, they have something for everyone. Plus, our menu is always changing, so you’re guaranteed to find something new and exciting each time you visit!

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant

The Al Ibrahimi Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Islamabad that should not be missed. The restaurant offers a wide range of delectable dishes, but the Special BBQ Platter is definitely a must-try.

The lovely and serene environment makes the Al Ibrahimi restaurant experience even more enjoyable. The restaurant takes pride in its clean and healthy setting, ensuring that customers have a pleasant dining experience.

Wrap It Up!

There are many great restaurants in Islamabad, each offering something unique and delicious. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or an elegant dining experience, Islamabad never disappoints.

With so many great options, it’s hard to choose just one. So we recommend visiting each of them at least once whenever you are in the mood for some good food!

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